CitaDAO: Real Estate Tokenization and Ownership on Ethereum

Why tokenize real estate?

Through tokenization of real estate, CitaDAO makes this asset class available for the crypto community as a way to build and preserve wealth while keeping their assets on-chain to benefit from increased accessibility, liquidity, and composability. However, before we can leverage the blockchain for real estate tokens, we need to ensure the Real Estate Tokens are built on a solid foundation. Let’s walk through the process of moving a real estate asset on-chain through CitaDAO.

The Process of Tokenizing Real Estate

When a building is listed on the CitaDAO platform, the CitaDAO community will be able to commit their interest to own a fraction of it. Once sufficient commitment is secured, the building will be purchased by a Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”), and everyone who commits to owning a fraction of it will receive a Real Estate Token (“RETs”) that represents the right to buy out all other RET holders and enforce their claims against the building.

Building on a strong foundation

Once we have established a strong foundation that RETs represent Real Estate and can be used to redeem a full title and deed, we believe that Real Estate can have significantly higher utility as an on-chain asset.



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