Announcing our upcoming IRO launching on May 19, 2022

Photos of industrial unit in Midview CIty

Key facts of the IRO

  • Address: 20 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, 573968, Singapore
  • IRO value: US$630,000
  • IRO date: 19 May 2022, 00:00 UTC
  • IRO duration: 5 days
Google Map View of Midview City

What is Introducing Real Estate On-chain (IRO)?

Introducing Real Estate On-chain (IRO) is a voting process where the community decides if the Real Estate gets tokenized. Participants are able to participate in the IRO by contributing stablecoins of any amount to the voting process. A successful vote leads to a successful IRO which entails the tokenization of the Real Estate asset into Real Estate Tokens (RET).

How to participate in IRO?

Participating in CitaDAO’s IROs is a fairly simple process. Participants only need a MetaMask wallet with USDC and Ether. A detailed tutorial on participating in an IRO can be found here.

Curious to know more about CitaDAO?

Follow us on Twitter @citadao_io, join our community on Discord, or check out our website where you can join our waitlist. We run a weekly introduction and Q&A call on our Discord server on Tuesdays, 10AM EST/3PM UTC.

About CitaDAO

CitaDAO is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform for Real Estate to be tokenized on-chain, built on the Ethereum ecosystem. CitaDAO aims to solve the lack of liquidity, access limitation, and lack of composability in the existing real estate ecosystem by creating interoperability with other DeFi applications/primitives that operate on the Ethereum protocol. Real Estate Tokens allow the community to diversify their portfolio on-chain to generate stable yield through real-world assets that have constant liquidity through AMMs.



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